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Henrik Lundqvist – [Somewhere in] Yonkers, NY

Henrik Lundqvist – [Somewhere in] Yonkers, NY

I’d been trying for some time to get Carey Price’s ‘graph starting with a rescheduled Montreal-based signing back in October of last year.  The reschedule date was during the first week of January.  I was a little hesitant to buy plane tickets early since the October event had been rescheduled so I waited until it was closer to the event.  When I checked back later, the info now said the signing was somewhere out in Ontario.  It was really confusing but it turned out that the same day Carey was signing [wherever that turned out to be] Henrik Lundqvist would be at a signing in Yonkers, a few hours drive away [no plane tix needed].  I found someone to go with me to get Henrik Lundqvist’s goalie ‘graph on my stick and figured I’d try to get Carey’s another time.

I pre-paid for one autograph for my stick, but after we’d driven up there, I figured after spending the day driving up [and back] to Yonkers, between the tolls and gas and whatever else, maybe I should get something else signed.  When we got to the place he was signing, I started to root through my magic backpack [long story about the backpack] and managed to find a 2012 Winter Classic hockey puck.  I got the idea to have him sign on one side and later, at the Flyer’s Carnival that would be coming up a few weeks later, I could get Bob to sign the same puck.  Then I’d have both 2012 Winter Classic Goalies on a Winter Classic Puck.  How cool is that?

Since I’d only pre-paid for the one autograph for my stick, we had to wait in line a little longer to pay for the other autograph but it wasn’t too bad.  The autograph for the stick I think was $80 and the one for the puck was only $60].  I was a little worried about wearing a Flyer’s Tee in Ranger’s territory [Mr Lundqvist wasn’t the only Ranger signing that day] so I decided to compromise and I wore a 2012 Winter Classic Tee with the Flyers and Rangers on it.  [The Classic was just a few days before, so it was cool].  We were talking to some of the Rangers fans while we waited in line and they were pretty cool [even after we told them we were  from the Philly area.]

It seemed like a long wait but the entire signing event wasn’t more than 2 hours so it wasn’t actually a long time to wait.  When it was my turn, my friend took a pic of Mr Lundqvist adding his goalie ‘graph to my stick and then I was allowed to go around and get a picture with him.  I had him sign in Blue Marker since the Rangers are the Blueshirts.  My Lundqvist has a really cool looking goalie ‘graph, sort of like a pict-o-gram.  He signed right on the heel part of my Warrior stick.

Overall I thought the event [organized by Steiner Sports] was very well-organized and well run.  On the way back home we stopped at my FAVE pizza place in Manhattan [I know – Manhattan isn’t exactly what you’d call ‘on-the-way’ from Yonkers to South Jersey – but it was close enough].

I think Henrik’s goalie ‘graph is the coolest looking goalie ‘graph I’ve gotten.  🙂
Important Note: Just in case Mr. Brodeur happens to read this article, I would like to point out that I wrote this article PRIOR to obtaining Martin Brodeur’s goalie ‘graph on my stick.  So the above line should actually read :
“I think Henrik’s goalie ‘graph is the coolest looking goalie ‘graph I’ve gotten [to date].  :)”


Ilya Bryzgalov and Sergei Bobrovsky [Bob] – Meet the Team Event [Season Ticket Holders]

Ilya Bryzgalov and Sergei [Bob] Bobrovsky

The easiest goalie ‘graphs to get were from Ilya and Bob since they’re here in Philly [Before Bob had to leave for Columbus].  The Flyers have a ‘Meet the Team’ Event for season ticket holders every year.  Bob and Ilya were in the same group so we were able to get both of their ‘graphs at the same time.  One of the staff members escorted us up to the club level so my dad could access the autograph with his wheelchair.  Wayne Simmonds [not a goalie] was in the same group — he signed pucks for me and my Dad].  I wanted to have Bob and Ilya sign in the pretty gold oil paint marker.  I thought since they’re my hometown goalies, they’re ‘graphs would look cool in gold.  I’d try to get the other ‘graphs in the goalies’ team color sharpie markers.  [Except teams with yellow colors since that won’t show up well.]

Ilya came over to where my dad and I were with a black sharpie all ready in his hand.  I tried to give him my gold paint pen and asked him to sign with that, but he said black would look better on the white stick, then signed with the sharpie he’d been holding.  Bob didn’t mind signing with the pretty gold paint pen.   Since players were only signing autographs at that time I couldn’t get a picture with them signing thegoaliestick but I did get photos with Bob and Ilya [and Kimmo, ‘Roo, Reader & Rinny] a few months later at the Flyers Carnival.]

Here’s pics with Bob & Ilya from the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Charity Carnival :

[BTW: I still think the gold color looks way cooler then the black sharpie but WHATever].

Antti Niemi Goalie ‘Graph – National Card Show in Chicago

Antti Niemi Goalie ‘Graph – National Card Show in Chicago

The first goalie ‘graph I got for my stick was Antti Niemi. He was going 2 be signing at the National Card Show in Chicago last summer, so my Dad and I flew out there for a day to get his autograph. [And some cool hockey cards]. I also bought a pic with him while we were there. It wasn’t digital so I had 2 scan it, but the colors look a little off. The actual pic doesn’t look as washed out. Antti was REALLY big and REALLY hot looking. My dad disagreed as he wasn’t too impressed with Antti’s wardrobe selection considering the price of the autographs [$80] and photos [$40]. [In addition to VIP admission to the Show etc]. My dad didn’t get that tee shirt had his name on it. I’d also rather see players looking comfortable than in stuffy suits [unless they’re comfortable wearing stuffy suits] Besides, as I explained to my dad, at $40 a photo, the Sharks goaltender has to put on a bug smile while posing next to a chick in a Flyers tee shirt. How many people can say they have a photo of a goaltender smiling next to a Flyers fan? My Dad thinks [based on other women’s opinions not his own] that Henrik is the hottest goaltender. Don’t get me wrong, Henrik’s a good-looking guy, but I tend to shy away from the GQ type. Nemo has that bigger frame and a little bit of a ‘bad boy’ look I go for somtimes.

After the photos, we got in line 2 wait for Antti to sign my goalie stick. We didn’t have 2 wait in line too long.  Since the zig-zag pattern roping off the line wasn’t ADA compliant [my dad needs a wheelchair when we go places that there’s a lot of walking], someone escorted us to the back of the autograph section where we got Antti to sign my stick for me. He signed in a pretty Silver Oil-Based Paint pen.  I picked out the silver since he’d be the first to add his goalie ‘graph to thgoaliestick.