Follow the adventures of the Goalie Stick as it travels North America collecting NHL Goalie 'Graphs.

Henrik Lundqvist – [Somewhere in] Yonkers, NY

Henrik Lundqvist – [Somewhere in] Yonkers, NY

I’d been trying for some time to get Carey Price’s ‘graph starting with a rescheduled Montreal-based signing back in October of last year.  The reschedule date was during the first week of January.  I was a little hesitant to buy plane tickets early since the October event had been rescheduled so I waited until it was closer to the event.  When I checked back later, the info now said the signing was somewhere out in Ontario.  It was really confusing but it turned out that the same day Carey was signing [wherever that turned out to be] Henrik Lundqvist would be at a signing in Yonkers, a few hours drive away [no plane tix needed].  I found someone to go with me to get Henrik Lundqvist’s goalie ‘graph on my stick and figured I’d try to get Carey’s another time.

I pre-paid for one autograph for my stick, but after we’d driven up there, I figured after spending the day driving up [and back] to Yonkers, between the tolls and gas and whatever else, maybe I should get something else signed.  When we got to the place he was signing, I started to root through my magic backpack [long story about the backpack] and managed to find a 2012 Winter Classic hockey puck.  I got the idea to have him sign on one side and later, at the Flyer’s Carnival that would be coming up a few weeks later, I could get Bob to sign the same puck.  Then I’d have both 2012 Winter Classic Goalies on a Winter Classic Puck.  How cool is that?

Since I’d only pre-paid for the one autograph for my stick, we had to wait in line a little longer to pay for the other autograph but it wasn’t too bad.  The autograph for the stick I think was $80 and the one for the puck was only $60].  I was a little worried about wearing a Flyer’s Tee in Ranger’s territory [Mr Lundqvist wasn’t the only Ranger signing that day] so I decided to compromise and I wore a 2012 Winter Classic Tee with the Flyers and Rangers on it.  [The Classic was just a few days before, so it was cool].  We were talking to some of the Rangers fans while we waited in line and they were pretty cool [even after we told them we were  from the Philly area.]

It seemed like a long wait but the entire signing event wasn’t more than 2 hours so it wasn’t actually a long time to wait.  When it was my turn, my friend took a pic of Mr Lundqvist adding his goalie ‘graph to my stick and then I was allowed to go around and get a picture with him.  I had him sign in Blue Marker since the Rangers are the Blueshirts.  My Lundqvist has a really cool looking goalie ‘graph, sort of like a pict-o-gram.  He signed right on the heel part of my Warrior stick.

Overall I thought the event [organized by Steiner Sports] was very well-organized and well run.  On the way back home we stopped at my FAVE pizza place in Manhattan [I know – Manhattan isn’t exactly what you’d call ‘on-the-way’ from Yonkers to South Jersey – but it was close enough].

I think Henrik’s goalie ‘graph is the coolest looking goalie ‘graph I’ve gotten.  🙂
Important Note: Just in case Mr. Brodeur happens to read this article, I would like to point out that I wrote this article PRIOR to obtaining Martin Brodeur’s goalie ‘graph on my stick.  So the above line should actually read :
“I think Henrik’s goalie ‘graph is the coolest looking goalie ‘graph I’ve gotten [to date].  :)”


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