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Philadelphia Flyers Early Bird BBQ

Philadelphia Flyers 2013-14 Season Ticket Holders Early Bird BBQ

When we got to the Wells Fargo Center, one of the volunteers there offered to help my Dad and I go around to collect autographs.  [My dad had surgery on his foot & can’t walk on it, so he needs a wheelchair].  The volunteer was very nice & stayed with us the whole time, taking us around to get all of the players autographs.

I’d printed out photos I’d made of the players [pictures I’d found online that I made into pretty designs] to get signed & made copies to give them.  I could only get the 4×6 pictures to print, my printer started acting up when I tried to print 8×10’s.

Autographed Stuff:

Vincent Lecavalier

I gave Mr. Lecavalier a pretty pic I’d made from a photo I found online & he signed one for me.  He seemed to like the picture a lot.  [I didn’t take the photo, I just photoshopped it to make it look pretty.]  He was really nice [and very tall].  I still had my high heels on, so that was good.


Philadelphia Flyers Vincent Lecavalier




Scott Hartnell

Scott Hartnell signed a photo I made of him with Dion Phaneuf, along with some words of advise Scott Hartnell had given Mr. Phaneuf at one time.  I gave him a copy of it too.  Scott was sitting with Kris Newberry [the guy we’d traded one of our AHL players to the Rangers for] and Hal Gill.

I like Hal Gill a lot & was disappointed he hadn’t gotten a chance to play in a game yet.  I felt bad I hadn’t made a pictures for him to sign since he was with Scott Hartnell.  I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, or make him think we just wanted Scott Hartnell’s autograph [especially since he’s a longtime NHL veteran].  Thinking quickly, I asked Hal Gill if he’d sign my shirt & pointed to the [very low cut] collar  framing my nice rack.  It was really cool, because he had to sort of hold the t-shirt still with his other hand, sort of feeling me up.  I’ve never been felt up by a hockey player before, it was kind of cool.

I didn’t have pictures for a lot of our D-Men [or Jakub Voracek] to sign, so I let them all sign my tee shirt too.  Most of them just held the marker in one hand & tried to scribble their name to avoid any appearance of impropriety, but Hal Gill was my favorite though.  [I told Jakub Voracek that I’d gotten felt up by Hal Gill & he thought that was funny].

Jay Rosehill

Mr. Rosehill signed the [other half] of my infamous Shelly / Rosehill fight pic from the 2011-12 preseason, one of my favorite pics I’d taken during a game.

Jody Shelly & his friend Jay Rosehill became engaged in what appears to be a somewhat heated disagreement.

Mr. Shelly signed his side of the photo for me at one of the Flyers Carnivals, but I’d needed to get Mr. Rosehill to add his ‘graph.  Luckily, he was trade to the Flyers at the end of last season & he signed it last night.



Claude Giroux, Matt Read & Wayne Simmonds

I made a few photos of these three sitting on the bench after Matt Read scored a goal in a Carolina Hurricanes game [end of the 2012-13 season].  I printed a few variations for each of the players & they all signed this one for me.

PS: Claude also signed a another photo I’d edited — a goalie win celly photo. IMG_0794



Sean Couturier

I had a cool picture of Sean Couturier that he signed for me.  I gave him a copy of the pic I had signed and another pretty picture of him and goalie Steve Mason.  Sean Couturier is always really nice when at the Flyers events.  [I may or may not have mentioned he looks slightly better clean shaven.

Zac Rinaldo

I used Zac Rinaldo’s infamous hockey quote to create an inspirational photo, since he has a way of ‘inspiring’ other players to give up the puck.  He signed a copy for me & I gave him one.



Luke & Brayden Schenn

My Dad wanted to get a hockey puck signed by the Schenn Brothers.  I didn’t have any pictures of them.  I let Luke Schenn sign my tee shirt.  I know lots of women have a thing for Brayden Schenn [although I’m not entirely sure why] but I think Steve Mason is way hotter, so I only got Luke’s autograph on my tee shirt, not Brayden’s.

It was a lot of fun & the Flyers Volunteer that walked us around to get all of the autographs was really nice & very helpful.