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Antti Niemi

Antti Niemi Goalie ‘Graph – National Card Show in Chicago

Antti Niemi Goalie ‘Graph – National Card Show in Chicago

The first goalie ‘graph I got for my stick was Antti Niemi. He was going 2 be signing at the National Card Show in Chicago last summer, so my Dad and I flew out there for a day to get his autograph. [And some cool hockey cards]. I also bought a pic with him while we were there. It wasn’t digital so I had 2 scan it, but the colors look a little off. The actual pic doesn’t look as washed out. Antti was REALLY big and REALLY hot looking. My dad disagreed as he wasn’t too impressed with Antti’s wardrobe selection considering the price of the autographs [$80] and photos [$40]. [In addition to VIP admission to the Show etc]. My dad didn’t get that tee shirt had his name on it. I’d also rather see players looking comfortable than in stuffy suits [unless they’re comfortable wearing stuffy suits] Besides, as I explained to my dad, at $40 a photo, the Sharks goaltender has to put on a bug smile while posing next to a chick in a Flyers tee shirt. How many people can say they have a photo of a goaltender smiling next to a Flyers fan? My Dad thinks [based on other women’s opinions not his own] that Henrik is the hottest goaltender. Don’t get me wrong, Henrik’s a good-looking guy, but I tend to shy away from the GQ type. Nemo has that bigger frame and a little bit of a ‘bad boy’ look I go for somtimes.

After the photos, we got in line 2 wait for Antti to sign my goalie stick. We didn’t have 2 wait in line too long.  Since the zig-zag pattern roping off the line wasn’t ADA compliant [my dad needs a wheelchair when we go places that there’s a lot of walking], someone escorted us to the back of the autograph section where we got Antti to sign my stick for me. He signed in a pretty Silver Oil-Based Paint pen.  I picked out the silver since he’d be the first to add his goalie ‘graph to thgoaliestick.