Follow the adventures of the Goalie Stick as it travels North America collecting NHL Goalie 'Graphs.

Ilya Bryzgalov

Ilya Bryzgalov and Sergei Bobrovsky [Bob] – Meet the Team Event [Season Ticket Holders]

Ilya Bryzgalov and Sergei [Bob] Bobrovsky

The easiest goalie ‘graphs to get were from Ilya and Bob since they’re here in Philly [Before Bob had to leave for Columbus].  The Flyers have a ‘Meet the Team’ Event for season ticket holders every year.  Bob and Ilya were in the same group so we were able to get both of their ‘graphs at the same time.  One of the staff members escorted us up to the club level so my dad could access the autograph with his wheelchair.  Wayne Simmonds [not a goalie] was in the same group — he signed pucks for me and my Dad].  I wanted to have Bob and Ilya sign in the pretty gold oil paint marker.  I thought since they’re my hometown goalies, they’re ‘graphs would look cool in gold.  I’d try to get the other ‘graphs in the goalies’ team color sharpie markers.  [Except teams with yellow colors since that won’t show up well.]

Ilya came over to where my dad and I were with a black sharpie all ready in his hand.  I tried to give him my gold paint pen and asked him to sign with that, but he said black would look better on the white stick, then signed with the sharpie he’d been holding.  Bob didn’t mind signing with the pretty gold paint pen.   Since players were only signing autographs at that time I couldn’t get a picture with them signing thegoaliestick but I did get photos with Bob and Ilya [and Kimmo, ‘Roo, Reader & Rinny] a few months later at the Flyers Carnival.]

Here’s pics with Bob & Ilya from the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Charity Carnival :

[BTW: I still think the gold color looks way cooler then the black sharpie but WHATever].


Flyers Wives Fight For Live Charity Carnival

2012 Flyers Wives Fight For Live Charity Carnival

The annual Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Carnival is hosted by the Flyers Wives to raise money for their foundation.  Fans can play games, buy Flyers gear and purchase autographs or photos for a good cause.  Since I’d already gotten the Flyers goalies to sign theGoalieStick,  and my dad wanted to see some of the other skaters, I tried to find creative ways 2 collect the no-goalies Flyers ‘graphs.  I printed out a few my favorite photos I’d taken at games along with some a few pictures from the Internet I thought would be cool to get signed.  Here’s a few of the interesting ‘graphs from the  2012 Flyer’s Wives Carnival:

Jaromir Jagr

Did you know that waaaaaay back in the day Jaromir Jagr had his very own branded Peanut Butter?  My dad happened to acquire an unopened jar of the [likely] expired snack food someone kept in a memorabilia collection that made it’s way to my dad’s store .  Mr Jagr signed the peanut butter for me at the Carnival.  If I had to guess I’d say the peanut butter expired sometime before the FDA required peanut butter to print expiration dates.

Scott Hartnell

We all know Mr Hartnell isn’t the NHL’s best skater.  In making light of his own shortcoming, he founded the #HartnellDown charity foundation.  One of the more interesting shots I managed to capture at a game, depicts Mr. Hartnell finding his way into the net instead of the puck.  At the carnival, Mr Hartnell was really nice &  signed the photo including his foundation’s hashtag #hartnelldown.

[Stop by for lots of cool #hartnelldown gear]

Jody Shelly

This is one of my favorite pics I’ve taken at it game.  During a pre-season game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Jody Shelly & his friend Jay Rosehill became engaged in what appears to be a somewhat heated disagreement.  Mr. Shelly signed his side of the photo for me, now I need to figure a way for Mr Rosehill to add his ‘graph.  My dad’s friend suggested I send it to him C/O the Toronto Marlies, but I don’t know if he’s playing there still.   I’m also a little worried it might turn out that they aren’t such great friends after all & it might be best to get it signed in person.

*** Update ***

As it turns out, getting Jay Rosehill to sign the photograph wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’d originally anticipated.  I only had to wait about a year for him to be traded to Philadelphia Flyers and then another six months until the 2013 Philadelphia Flyers Early Bird Season Ticket Holders BBQ.

Ilya Bryzgalov

By the time the carnival rolled around, I’d already gotten Ilya’s goalie ‘graph at the Flyer’s Meet the Team Event but since I’d already bought my Ilya autograph ticket, I thought I’d get the other 1/2 of the Russian Goalie photo signed.  I don’t know if the players ever go out to look at the photos, but I thought Ilya might like it so I made a copy for him and gave it to him at the Carnival.  I was trying to be nice, despite my resentment over the whole black/gold marker incident from a previous team event.  Evgeni Nabokov is the Russian Islander’s goalie on the left.  Evgeni signed the photo at the ICF Casino Night Event a few months before the Flyers Carnival.  [The photo is from’s Frozen Moments Gallery Collection].


Earlier this year when I went waaaaaaay up to Yonkers so Henrik Lundqvist could add his goalie ‘graph to theGoalieStick.  I decided to get something else signed by Mr. Lundqvst.   Having someone hold my spot in line, I spent some time riffling though my car for something interesting for to get signed.  Thee just happened to be a Winter Classic puck from the game a few days easrlier.  How perfect was that? [This is why I don’t clean out my car]  How cool would it be to have Henrik sign one side & have Bob sign at the Flyers Carnival a few weeks later.  I bought another autograph ticket & Mr Lundqvist sign my Classic puck and the Goalie Stick.  I asked Mr Lundqvist to sign the back of the puck [the bottom] so his ‘graph would show up better.  [He’s got one of the coolest ‘graphs ever.  Sort of hieroglyphic-ish]

Bob had already signed theGoalieStick at another Flyers event, so when the Flyers Wives Carnival rolled around, I bought a Bob ticket so he could sign the logo side of my Winter Classic puck.  How seet is that, both 2012 Winter Classic Goalies on the same Winter Classic Puck !!

Photos From the Flyers Carnival:

Claude Giroux [My Dad’s Favorite Flyer]

Kimmo Timonen

Matt Read

Zac Rinaldo

Ilya Bryzgalov