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Evander Kane [Not a Goalie] Twitter Page Contest

Evander Kane [Winnipeg Jets – not a goalie] Twitter Page Contest

View My Design on the demo Twitter Account @DemoTheme

[Alternate Header /Avatar File Below]

I thought it’d be fun to design a theme for Mr. Kane, [even though he’s not a goalie] seeing as I’m sure you’re aware there isn’t going to be much to do in Philly this winter.

My second favorite [regular season] game from last season was when the Winnipeg Jets visited Philly last October.  It was a really weird game.  The Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec started the game, but let some goals in, so they let their other goalie Chris Mason play.  He let a few too many goals in as well.  Since both goalies weren’t doing too well, the Jets apparently determined that Ondrej was the lesser of 2 evils and put him BACK in the game.  Having 2 goalie swaps [not due to injuries] in the same game, wasn’t the strangest part of the night. [Technically there were 3 goalie swaps between the two teams].    It turns out our goalies combined were a goal worse than the Jet’s goalies combined because  we lost the game 9-8.  It was still pretty exciting game [Seeing 4 goalies play in one game]

I wasn’t sure where to start so I watched goal videos for his 30 NHL goals.  [Sidenote:  Apparently shootout goals don’t count toward skater’s ‘goals’ on their stats.  As I hadn’t realized this, I became quite confused for some time as there were 31 goal highlights [plus 2 pre-season goals] but his stats said ’30’.  At some point it dawned on me that since skaters scoring a SO goal doesn’t factor into the goalie’s GAA or Sv%, it probably doesn’t get to count for the skater’s regular stats either.  I’m not sure if this is really fair & I’m also now confused as to whether or not the shootout goal [along with the 2 other goals he scored that night] constitutes a hat trick or not.  I’m still not sure on this although it might possibly be related to whether or not any actual hats were thrown.]

I had trouble finding cool pics of Mr. Kane [not because he didn’t look cool in any pics, there just weren’t a lot of high res photos online that made cool graphics.  I liked his current background pic because he looked really good there so I tried a few things with it, but wanted to find some different pics.  I had a cool idea for the header & tried it out with his current pic until I could find something else.  [I didn’t realize how hot he was until I saw that background photo of him]

This is how the header would have looked with the originally using his current background photo:

This is the header I created using a different photo of Mr. Kane with his friends:

I like the first one but figured if he was having a contest for a new theme, maybe he’s tired of that pic & wanted something new

My first [few] ideas for the background were interesting but pretty complicated [as are most things I do].  I’d liked how the [first] header came out so I wanted to incorporate some of the same design elements.  Based on some of Mr. Kane’s Tweets about other designs, he appears to like things that are blue and or have flames.     That’s cool.  I like things that are purple and/or shiny so…  He also seems to like being depicted as a superhero.  I used a lot of blue because that’s the color of the team he’s supposed to be playing for.  I found a cool pic that would fit nicely on the sidebar & designed it so that he’d stand out.  [No fire, just a faint blue glow].

It’s large enough that it shouldn’t tile on wide browser windows but doesn’t have too may graphics that low res screens would be missing anything.

Using a demo Twitter account I uploaded the theme pieces: background, header, & Avatar/Profile so u can see how the theme will look.
@DemoTheme is the demo account.  My real Twitter account is iHeartHockey31

I really like the first header better.  He looks a lot better there.  I guess it depends on whether Mr. Kane wants to keep the background image from his old twitter for his new header or use all new photos.  Maybe I can tweet the other header file to him.

Here’s how the page looks with the original header [high res, max’d browser]:

This is with the alternate [different photo] header.

You can try the theme out my visiting the Twitter ID @DemoTheme

My Real Twitter Account is @iHeartHockey31 

Here are the pieces to download the theme:

BackGround Image
Current Header Image
Avatar/Profile Image [Needed With this Header]

Alternate Header Files

Alternate Header Image
Avatar/Profile Image [For the Alternate Header File]

—  @iHeartHockey31


PS: It was nice to have something interesting to do for the past few days.  One of my doggies is really sick & I’ve been home taking care of her.  I’m kind of sad too because I don’t think she’s going 2 get better & needed something to take my mind off her being sick.